City of L.A. Business Tax Renewal 2/28/21 Deadline

February 18th, 2021

This is your final reminder that you must comply with the City of Los Angeles, Office of Finance annual Business Registration (Business Tax Renewal) by 02/28/21 if you are doing business in Los Angeles as:

  • Independent contractor, self-employed, freelancer, sole proprietor, small business owner, partnership, fictitious business name (dba), loan-out co., LLC, C-Corp. or S-Corp.

This requirement applies to business operations with zero income, claiming business expenses.

When you are self-employed or operating a small business, you will have several (many) additional responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to register and possibly pay taxes with the city or cities in which you do business. The City of Los Angeles, Office of Finance enforces that requirement for the County of Los Angeles. They issue a Business Tax Registration Certificate or “Business License” to those who are registered. Although this requirement is not new, in recent years the City of Los Angeles has strictly enforced the registration and taxes, even hiring private collection companies to raise tax revenues.

You can avoid City of L.A. taxes if you file your tax renewal timely and your gross business income is under $100,000 by selecting the Small Business Tax Exemption. Artists and entertainment industry businesses may qualify for the Creative Artist Exemption for gross income under $300,000.

For other possible industry exemption amounts, please visit the City of Los Angeles, Office of Finance website or call 844.663.4411. These exemptions only apply if you file your business tax renewal before February 28th, 2021! If you do not register by the deadline you will pay taxes, interest, and possibly penalties even if you were otherwise eligible for an exemption!

There are no Extensions:  YOU MUST COMPLY with Business Registration by February 28th, 2021!