Happy Returns. From Actual TaxPlus Clients.

We want clients to expect the world from us. In return, they often write to share their positive stories. Below is a selection that reflects the importance we place on individual relationship and satisfaction.

*Your results may vary.

“After not filing for three years due to financial circumstances, I began to fear the mounting debt I imagined that I had. TaxPlus was unfazed by what I thought would be a crisis, reassured me, and commenced to straighten out my affairs. I definitely could not have done this myself and am so glad I finally got it resolved. Now TaxPlus is where I always go to get my taxes done.”

- Jeff S.

“TaxPlus is by far the best tax company I’ve worked with over the years. They have done my last 3 years + 2 corrections for me, and I can’t rave enough about their work. They are very detailed and extremely knowledgeable, able to explain rules and give exceptional feedback. I highly recommend them for any of your tax needs, business or personal.”

- Scotty G.

“I had 5 years of back taxes, including years from a small business that eventually sunk me. I found TaxPlus via Yelp, and they struck me as the right kind of people you want handling your taxes. I thought I would end up owing over $14k, but they found that I wasn’t filing correctly … and turned it around to a refund that let me travel to Europe for two months. TaxPlus will be doing my taxes for years.”

- Shep W.

“For three years, I drove myself crazy about the money I owed the IRS and back taxes I hadn’t filed. Then I finally decided to call TaxPlus. It was the best thing I ever did. The staff are so friendly, and make you feel right at home. I was embarrassed about my IRS debt, but they told me it was going to be alright, and it was. They really helped me get back on track. Now I recommend TaxPlus to everyone.”

- Yoli G.

“I had an issue with back taxes from multiple years. The whole thing was very stressful, and I was lucky to find TaxPlus. They were able to reduce my liability from over $50k to $10k in less than 3 days. I will be using TaxPlus for all my future tax needs, and utilizing them as a financial advisor. I highly recommend TaxPlus.”

- Ray S.

“After receiving an ominous letter from the IRS, I decided it was time to enlist the help of a tax professional/enrolled agent. After reading TaxPlus’ rave reviews on Yelp, I called them, and they were able to see me the same day. I was so happy with the results that I went back to re-file several years worth of tax returns and ended up saving over $10k. I cannot say enough about TaxPlus. I highly recommend them.”

- Brian B.

“TaxPlus is the place to get your taxes done! The office is beautiful, the staff are incredibly friendly, the price is right, and I feel confident that my taxes are done correctly and filed on time. If you’re looking for a painless way to get your taxes done, go to TaxPlus.”

- Adriane K.

“OMG! The entire TaxPlus team is amazing. I’ve had several CPAs and accountants through the years, and the last one kept bleeding me of money. I had over a million dollars in back taxes and penalties, due to a horrific business partner and a nightmare situation. TaxPlus were able to do an offer in compromise for less than $25,000. I can’t tell you how they helped me financially and physically … to have that amount of stress relieved has been a blessing.”

- Kimberly B.

“All I can say is that TaxPlus is the best. I’m the guy who didn’t file my taxes for 10 years. I searched Yelp and online to find the best person I could, and TaxPlus was the best rated out of every review I saw. They gave it to me straight with no false promises, and I ended up owing far less than I expected. I wish I faced the music years before, as the stress of it all wasn’t worth it compared to what I paid. Thank you, TaxPlus!”

- Michael K.

“The TaxPlus team have been amazing. We came to them with a very challenging issue of back taxes, penalties and interest, and wanted help with an OIC to the IRS. Other tax advisers told us that there was no hope, and we did not qualify for an OIC. Finally, we were referred to TaxPlus. I immediately found them to be smart, creative, savvy and passionate about helping their clients. They told us that we did have a chance of being granted an OIC, and advised they would do their best to help us. Even though our first offer was rejected, TaxPlus told us not to worry and that we would appeal the decision. We did, and it was accepted. We settled our debt for 10% of the balance. We are lucky and grateful to have TaxPlus on our side. Thank you!”

- Michelle Rene G.

“This is a long-overdue review of Tony, who has done our taxes for the best part of a decade now. He is incredibly smart and more than earned his fee for maximizing our savings. We don’t live in CA anymore but still use him every year to do our taxes.

Highly recommended!”

- Rich E.

“TaxPlus went above and beyond for me. Nearly ten years of taxes were revisited, reduced, and they were able to negotiate a significant reduction of my tax liability, including a payment plan. They have been professional, honest, and did what was right. I highly recommend TaxPlus for all of your tax needs.”

- Robert K.

“Tony and his team have continuously been there for me over the years. They know their stuff! And, they’ve been reliable, accessible and caring all along the way. I’d totally recommend TaxPlus if you’re looking for a new accountant or bookkeeping service.”

- David K.

“So thankful for my accountant, John! Even living abroad, he has made my life so much easier when it comes to taxes. Thank you!”

- Melanie L.

“I thought for certain I would have to pay the IRS. Instead, TaxPlus got me a refund. I couldn’t believe it. And they offered me advice and tips to help get my business started. I can’t recommend TaxPlus more. Go!”

- Shannon N.