California Notary Services

In addition to our tax and accounting services, we also offer California notary services.

Our tax service boutique has three decades of experience in providing the services listed above, and plan to continue maintaining this high standard. Our long list of testimonials is proof that we treat each client with the kind of professional individual treatment they deserve.

Our 7-point pledge is the basis we rest the foundation of our California notary services and everything else we do on.

Our experienced staff has the kind of outstanding tax expertise people have come to rely on.  Whether you’re a large corporation or small business, or just an individual looking to deal with the IRS, we can help with a variety of industry-leading services that include:

  • Highly individualized features. Each and every member of our team is dedicated to making sure we achieve 100% client satisfaction. We have enrolled agents and associates among our ranks. These people are committed to making sure any issues you have with the IRS are dealt with in a fair and efficient manner.
  • One of the other big advantages beyond our Los Angeles notary services is the innovative techniques that we use. Because we are always keeping an eye towards the latest advances in technology, our services include fast electronic filing and refunds.
  • Security is one of the other foundational aspects of our business. It’s important to keep in mind that our team of professional tax advisors is on staff all year round. What’s more, they place the confidentiality and security of your data at a premium. With us, you can always rest assured that your information is safe and sound.

Staying proactive is one of the things that we do best. That’s why we have a year-round planning service that’s as comprehensive and thorough as everything else we do. We know it’s in your best interest to head any kind of tax problem off before it starts to become an issue.

If you get audited, you can also count on our personal audit representation services to make sure you get through the process as easily as possible.

Tax plus is here to reduce your tax anxiety and help you with any present problems while staying ahead of future ones. Don’t forget we carry a full complement of the kind of services you need including a California notary services option. Contact us today!