Here’s some Great Reasons to Use a Los Angeles Tax Preparer

August 14th, 2018

We like to ask our clients one simple question when they come to us inquiring about why they
should use a Los Angeles tax preparer. We simply ask them if they take their car to a mechanic
when it’s broken or try and fix it themselves in the driveway.

Or, we ask them if they can fix the plumbing in their house by themselves or feel more
comfortable calling in a professional.

These examples help you to see why you need a professional — especially when it comes to
something as important as preparing your taxes.

Here’s a few other reasons why you need the pros here.

  • Mistakes are costly. There are still some people who think they can save on using an
    accountant and do their own taxes. However, most of those folks don’t understand that
    you can be penalized by the IRS for making mistakes on your taxes, even well-
    intentioned ones. For example, missing receipts but claiming business expenses can land
    you in hot water.
  • A Los Angeles tax preparer can represent you when you’re audited. Although the
    chances of winding up on the wrong side of the fence with the IRS are small when you
    use a professional, mistakes can happen. That’s another reason why we suggest using our
    services because we’ll represent you if you get audited by the government. That’s
    definitely not the kind of peace of mind you’ll get by using an out-of-the-box tax system.
  • A good tax preparer can save you on taxes. Finding a professional to work with means
    getting suggestions about where you can legally save on your taxes. Remember, finding
    the right professional means getting years of exΩperience. If you take the time to find an
    accountant who works in your industry specifically, you’ll be able to draw on their
    experience to find deductions.
  • Using a professional Los Angeles tax preparer gives you peace of mind. Running a
    small business or even doing your individual tax on your own can be daunting. Giving
    the whole file over to professional gives you the kind of peace of mind that you get when
    you hire a professional roofer to fix your house or a licensed mechanic to fix your car.

We can always help. We have an excellent staff on hand who are always on top of all the latest
trends and developments when it comes to the tax landscape. If you’re looking for a professional
Los Angeles tax preparer, you’ve come to the right website.