Some FAQs About a Los Angeles Notary

August 8th, 2018

Many clients come through the door asking simple questions like what are the functions of the
Los Angeles notary. Because we’re always available to help you with any kind of your tax issues,
we’ve put together a quick blog based on some of the most common questions asked.

Here’s a list:


What does a Los Angeles Notary Do?

Basically, one of these professionals is present when people sign into an agreement. It’s
important that any legal document gets witnessed by an impartial person who can verify the
people actually putting their signatures down are who they say they are.

We offer Los Angeles notary services because we take great pride in making sure you get
everything you need. Security is one of the cornerstones of this aspect of our business. Anything
that you need notarized are held in the strictest confidence using the safest means.


Does Everyone Signing the Document Need to Be Present?

Yes, when people are signing any kind of document in front of a notary everyone needs to be in
the same room. It’s important for several reasons including the fact that what they are signing is
usually a legal document requiring credibility.

Once again, when you use our services you’ll be getting the benefit of our seven-point pledge.
First and foremost is a dedication to professional services in everything we do including of
course Los Angeles notary options.

If you take a look at the staff we’ve listed on our website, you’ll see that we have some of the
best enrolled agents anywhere.


Why Use a Los Angeles Notary?

One of the biggest reasons to use one of these experts is to deter fraud. Signing any kind of
document requires that it be authorized and held to the highest legal standards. That’s one of the
biggest reasons to use a professional Los Angeles notary like the ones we supply.


The TaxPlus Difference

These services and all the others we supply fall under what we like to call The TaxPlus
difference. If you take a minute or two to look through the seven-point pledge, you’ll see why we
can make that claim.

Total privacy as well as confidentiality and security are three of the major cornerstones of our
services which include of course this notary option.

We supply support and planning that lasts all year round. Why not get in touch with us today if
you’re looking for a Los Angeles notary?