Small Business Tax Deductions Update 2024

February 12th, 2024

Which small business tax deductions have changed for 2023? To start, business meals and bonus depreciation. With the new tax season upon us, you must be up to date with Small Business Deduction changes for the 2023 tax year.

Small Business Tax Deductions Update 2024

Which expenses does the IRS permit you to deduct as a small business? Well, there is no official list of business deductions for any industry. In short, you can deduct any expense that is “ordinary and necessary” for your business activity. It is up to you to determine and justify what is ordinary and necessary and to keep receipts and document the business purpose of the expense.

Some of the most missed business write-offs include auto expenses, home office deductions, and depreciation of assets.  Some of the expenses most likely to raise the attention of the IRS are the “pleasure expenses” such as meals and travel.

Tax year 2023 has reset the meals deduction back to 50%, instead of the full 100% deduction allowed as a concession to the struggling restaurant industry for both 2021 and 2022.

Another major change for 2023 is a reduction in the bonus depreciation deduction allowed on the purchase of heavy vehicles with gross vehicle weight ratings above 6000 lbs. For 2023 the maximum deduction drops to 80% of the vehicle cost, down from a 100% deduction in 2022.  This deduction will continue to decrease by 20% each year until it is completely phased out by 2027.

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