Individual Filings, Single Member LLC, C-Corporation Filings Due April 18, 2023

Individual Filings (1040), Single Member LLC (1040), and C-Corporation Filings (1120) are due April 18th unless you request an extension before the due date or you qualify for an automatic extension. For those of you still working on filing taxes, if you reside outside of California, Alabama, or Georgia please reach out to us to […]

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 Individual Filings (1040), Corporations & LLCs taxed as Corp. (1120) Due April 18th

The April 18th tax filing deadline for individuals and corporations is quickly approaching. If you are scheduled for tax preparation before April 18th, let’s finalize your filings if possible.  Otherwise, call 310.398.3231 or e-mail to request an extension until October 15th.   Individual Tax Returns Tax Filing Deadline is April 18th  Individual (1040) tax […]

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Big Reasons Why You’d Need a Los Angeles Tax Attorney

Los Angeles Tax Attorney

When you’re starting out in small business, you might hesitate before hiring a Los Angeles tax attorney. It’s a good idea not to be deceived by all the information you can get on the Internet. For example, even though the IRS has a whole library full of information for smaller enterprises, you still need the […]

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Investment Planning Tips You Can Use

investment planning

If you ask us about Los Angeles investment planning, we will tell you there are basically two different strategies that most people use. In the end you can either cut your spending or increase your income. Regardless of whether you’re a senior citizen, someone who’s ready to pay off their house, or even a younger […]

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Los Angeles Profit and Loss Statements and Moving your Business

Los Angeles profit and loss statements

When you first set out on the business trail you need to get your finances in order and profit and loss statements in Los Angeles are an important part of that. Once your business is up and running, you might decide to move it for a variety of different reasons. Here’s a few tips that […]

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